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Data Integrators has long been a major vendor to government agencies because of our ability to compete cost effectively in the marketplace. Our contracts renew year after year due to our flawless execution and delivery on the client's requirements.

HIPAA requirements and patient confidentiality are at the core of our success in this important market segment. Cost savings are delivered to providers through cost effective production, postal savings and return mail processing. Our full service offering delivers for our healthcare clients.

Good bill design can reduce the burden on call centers and customer care groups. Our expertise in design drives efficiency, and paralleled with our production knowledge we meet or exceed client expectations.

B To B
Companies which bill other companies can realize substantial savings through the outsourcing of their billing needs. Reduced mailing costs through ePresentment and other on-line options can have very positive effects on a company's bottom line and DSO.

Good bill design and use of white space management to deliver trans promotional messaging are centers of success for telecoms. Our suite of software tools enables the creation and maintenance of highly interactive and effective billing statements.

Consumer Finance
Credit Unions offer their members the highest quality of products and services using Data Integrators as a statement provider.

Cost effective programs from fund raising to general informational and Print on Demand programs are all key to the success of educational institutions using mail. Data Integrators is a premier supplier in this realm.

Travel & Leisure
Print on Demand programs are at the center of our T&L delivering customized collateral and solicitations to travelers based on their individual profiles.